CTS week8

In societies where modern conditions of production prevail. All life presents as an immense accumulation of spectacle. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into representation- Debord.


I think fans are the most enthusiastic even craziest part of the audience. I know there are lots of people are crazy fans. One of my friends is a big fan of a Korean music group and she flies from UK to Korea just for one concert. She also buy the many albums with other fans for  increasing the selling amount. Some time ago, there are some ads in the London tube station.


Those kind of ads are in the London tube station such as King’s cross, Green Park and  Oxford circus. The content of these advertisements is to celebrate the birthday of a Chinese young singer. For the people who are not his fans, this behavior is unreasonable.  Because the singer didn’t come to London during that time, so he can not see the ads, and the advertising rent is really expensive. I can not imagine what the fans will do each year to celebrate this singer’s birthday and he even is 16 years old now. I know the fans that spending money for the idol make themselves happy, but I prefer to spend money on the more practical things. Although the fans spend money but can not really have idols.

But there are also some positive things. Fans create some peripheral products, such as portraits, video and so on. They can also meet new friends by fan meeting.

Now, fans not just listen to music and go to concert, with the development of the network, they even do more things. They can use the network to comment, know other fans, follow news and share the creation. The network makes fans more convenient, but the most important thing is to be rational.

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CTS week4

“Consumption becomes a topic of public discussion and collective deliberation; shared interests often lead to shared knowledge, shared vision and shared actions.” —Jenkins


Now there are more online shops and online shopping in our life. Most of the time online goods are cheaper than the store, because online sales do not have to pay shop rent and staff salaries and so on the cost. And online shopping has more types and is more convenient. But online shopping can not completely replace the store, because the store has some advantages that online shopping doesn’t have. Such as shopping guide, online shopping although has a lot of choice, but the shopping site can only be based on browsing records to recommend, and not target to each consumer’s specific style. But the store can be.  Shopping guide can recommend to each customer for the style of the customer style, where the guide needs to follow the trend and have talk skills. In addition, guide needs to observe the customer’s purchasing power and according to the purchasing power to recommend the appropriate clothes. Also like the shopping experience, the most important thing is the shopping experience in the store, that is, the process of customer experience during consuming. There are a lot of attention to it, including the decor of the store, the comfort of the dressing room, and the rest area in the store. Moreover, the attitude of the staff in the store is important as well, which is directly related to the consumption. Also, giving some little gifts such will be good.

Some interesting digital goods in China:

-designing an individual travel route

-software installation instruction

-virtual girlfriend/boyfriend


-followers/likes on Instagram


-short story      10p each


Interpretation: Richard Brody (undated) on Joel and Ethan Coen’s “The Big Lebowski” (1998) https://thescene.com/watch/thenewyorker/the-big-lebowski?pl_id=burt-s-buzz [accessed Feb. 2017]

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CTS week 3

Today, the Internet is an indispensable part of our lives. Whether it is social software or online shopping, we need to upload our own private information to the Internet. This information is important and needs to be protected. On the other hand, we do not want our private life to be disturbed. So, security and privacy need to be balanced.

We use the network in daily life to do a lot of things, such as online shopping, social, information backup, learning, entertainment and so on. For example, googledrive, we need to upload our photo and files to googledrive, on the one hand we do not want these things to be open and leaked.

But I think, in fact,I just an ordinary person, in the network world I am a code and a data string, others will not need my data. And about the information of the bank account, it’s more important to keep the card and code safe. And in modern society, network security has a certain development, our important information can be guaranteed, so we can not because of complete privacy and give up a lot of convenience.

Of course, the privacy needs to continue to improve,and it will certainly be better protected in the future.


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Channel 4’s 2011 Documentary “True stories Wikileaks secrets and lies” https://

Anthropology vs Ethnography

Interview Ellice

Instagram -private account

-most of the pictures are her paintings

-looks like a personal portfolio

-bright colour


Other social media:she usually uses snapchat and whats app, but she uses twitter and Facebook less.

Wearing style:American Apparel & Vivienne Westwood (colorful, playful, pink, 80s)

Other:like traveling and favorite city is Budapest. 21 years old. Growing up in London.


Although the information on the social networking site can not represent all of a person, but we can analyze a person through social networking sites. For example, we can see from Ellice’s Instagram that Ellice loves art, family and traveling. She likes to use bright color can show her cheerful. Her paintings are all about her friends, which means that she likes to make friends. This is the first time I was chatting with Ellice, and we did not know each other before. I saw her instagram in the process of her first impression. Many people are unfamiliar with another person or do not know the case often through the social home page to know a person.

Sometimes, we use hash tag in our social media. Hash tag also can show the personality and interest of a person. The hash tag for users and Web sites is also a good sorting tools.

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Disruption and the network week 1

Schedule of the first lecture:

  1. Unit introduction (see also: Unit Handbook and Assessment Brief)
  2. Students and lecturer introduction
  3. Reading & Presentation exercise
  4. Blogging activity

In this lecture, we read about the iDisrupted book abstract and commentary. This book introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the development of technology, especially the disadvantages. “We overestimate how quickly technology will develop, and underestimate its final impact.” Technology influences lots of things in our world like business, economy, policy and our human.

After reading this text, we discussed the key ideas, ideas related to the personal experience, text convincing and the reasons as a group of four.  Here is the result of our discussion.

Key ideas:

-changes in technology and the way it affects society, economics.

-Fast pace of technology: How it evolves and hinder the usual way. Things are done and made, taking its own path and disrupting systems.


-Technology makes us more human: overcome repetitive work-space to focus on the human’s potential. “Technology is the human’s gills, wings and claws.”

-Empowering people.

How to relate to the key ideas:

-West World (Fiction)

-young generation and the disruption in society

-Alpha Go (Master)

Alpha Go is a computer program made by Google Deep Mind in London. This computer program is to play the board game and it beat the champion of human in the board game. This is an evidence of computer is more clever than human though it is made by human. On the one hand, Alpha Go is developed by human, so this shows the intelligence of human. Wether who win the board game, the biggest winner is human. On the other hand, Alpha Go already has the ability of learning and developing. So it may replace the human in the future. All in all, the win of Alpha Go shows the high technology today and the intelligence of human, but we still need to pay attention to and limit the AI to avoid out of control.


M. Baxter (2014) Disrupted – The greatest technological disruption in history has started – new book iDisrupted will guide us through change https://disruptionhub.com/disrupted- greatest-technological-disruption-history-started-new-book- idisrupted-will-guide-us-change/

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Explore the AlphaGo Games Available at: https://deepmind.com/research/alphago/ (Accessed: 10 January 2017).

AlphaGo in Wikipedia. Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AlphaGo (Accessed: 10 January 2017).


Nowadays, there are many stimulations around us, maybe we don’t perceive them but we get used to them.

At the beginning of the lecture, tutor introduce us NASA as a place with stimulations.  NASA stimulates the space. NASA uses this kind of stimulation to train the astronaut to help them get used to the environment of space.

There are also some stimulations in other places.For example, Disneyland is one of them. Because the different themes of Disneyland, Disney make stimulation to make people feel like in a Disney world stronger. For example, I have been to Shanghai Disneyland and there is a place called treasure cove. For making a almost real pirate world, there is a wreck in a lake. Of course, all of the facility was design in a pirate style. The wreck is a kind of stimulation because it makes an different environment from outside and people even can walk through it. That makes imagination real.

Some casinos make stimulations as well. Like Venetian, because the style is venetian style, Venetian even make a river in the building and people can have a boat trip. That’s seems like copy the real Venice into the casino. Moreover, Venetian paint the roof looks like a real blue sky. So I think this is stimulation because it stimulate a environment through the  space.

All in all, stimulation makes our life better and make us has more feelings that we never have before.

Trip in Harrods

Our group choose Harrods as our destination. Our group has four people.

1.Observe the people using Westfield and their behaviour. How would you describe them?

Most of the costumers of Harrods wear cloths and bags of famous brands. Because the price of goods in Harrods are very high, the consumption level of the costumers is high as well.

2.What are they doing?

People are shopping in Harrods, they walk slow and keep looking around.

3.Where do they gather?

Some of them gather in front of the counter and some of them gather around the shop assistance. They gather in front of the counter because they need to pay for the goods, and they gather around the shop assistance because they need to know more information like size and recommend from the shop assistance. I find that there are the most people on the ground floor because the entrance is on the first floor. The food hall, beauty, luxury section are also on the ground floor. So ground floor can fulfill the needs of people from different ages and gender.

4.How are they interacting with each other?

Shop assistances interacte the costumer by introduce the goods. For example, if the shop assistance tell the costumer that there is no size of one cloth, costumer might choose to change another style or not to buy the cloth this time.

5.Do you think this is an inclusive or exclusive space?

I think this is a inclusive place.There are toy shops, electronics shops, clothing shop for nearly all ages and so on. So Harrods fulfill the needs of many people and  it is a suitable place for family shopping. Moreover, there are restaurants of different style of cooking. So, besides shopping, Harrods is also a good place for eating.

6.What kinds of people do you not see here?

I don’t see the student of middle school or primary school. Because this is not a suitable place for hanging out after school unless they are with their parents. The pocket money of students is not enough to shopping in Harrods.

7.Are there any differences between the city and the shopping mall as spaces?

City can extend bigger and bigger but the shopping mall can’t unless build another one.


Relating to the Disneyization, Harrods is a kind of Disneyzation. The theme of harrods is a kind of the Middle East style. There are different consumptions here and all of the shop assistance serve costumers with a good mood.

Trip in the Docklands

We had a group exercise in the Docklands for this lesson.

  • 1. What evidence is there that a private company owns Docklands?
  • 2. What surveillance can you see being used in Docklands? Does being watched change your behaviour? I can see there are some CCTV on the street, further more, there are lots of polices on the street. I feel nervous and stressful because of the watching from the police. And I also think something dangerous will happen because the polices there is more than other place.
  • 3. How is Docklands different or similar to other areas of London that you are familiar with? Think about traffic, cleanliness, layout of buildings, social/commercial spaces, architectural design, signage etc. Docklands is similar with bank and old street because they are lots of bank and financial company. The building is tall and modern. The traffic is busy and the road is narrow. The supermarket and fast food are more than other place and less shopping mall and school.
  • 4. Who is this place for? What kinds of people are you seeing here? What kinds of people are you not seeing here? What is it about the place that might make people feel included or excluded? This place is for working, especially the bank and some financial company. I can see there are lots of business people, they are wearing the suit and they are walking fast.There are also a small number of people who live there.  I cant’t see any tourist there, maybe because there is no scenery spot.
  • 5. Can you see any evidence of hostile design?


  • 6. Also, how do you feel in this place? Comfortable? Awed? Indifferent? Inspired? What has made you feel this way? Stressful and busy. People are walking fast and there are lots of police.
  • 7. What sort of scale and style is the architecture? How does this contribute to the way the place makes you feel?  Buildings in the Docklands are very modern and with dark colour. And also those buildings are higher than other place. That’s make me feel depress.
  • 8. Can you see any evidence of spectacle?
  • 9. This is a business area, but what evidence is there that consumption is also important? There are some cafe, street food and super market on the street because people who work here need to buy food for lunch. They also need a place to communicate or rest as well.
  • 10. Consider how people are managed and manipulated by the spaces of Docklands. This is an important aspect of the cityscape for you as designers. How does the design of Docklands – its roads, walkways, parks, open areas, watery bits, transport hubs – control the flow of people in, out, around and through the area? For example, think about the layout of the complex (study one of the public maps) and compare it to other areas of London; think about your experience of using Canary Wharf station compared to other tube stations in London; walk through the parks, observing the layout and users etc.

The McDonaldization

We have two reading before the lecture which is The Disneyisation of Society by Bryman A and The McDonaldization of Society by Ritzer G. These two reading introduces two kinds of forms of shop and they are totally different. And in the lecture, tutor let us discuss and think about more examples of those two forms.

efficiency(control)  predictability calculability

argos, McDonald, costa, KFC, tesco

There are shopping malls, food courts, beer gardens and so on uses the Disneyisation.

The principle is making costumer stay longer. According to this principle, the administrator need to make more entertainment to let shoppers have fun. For example, cafe, restaurant, salon…During the lecture we also think some places of Disneyisation around us: casino, airport, lush, liberty, TOPSHOP. I think casino is a really typical sample, because the more time the gambler stay, the more money they pay, and the amount is much more than the people spend in the shopping mall. I have been to the Venetian in Las Vegas, people can do anything there, dancing show, shopping, eating, hotel and even we can have a boat tour in the building. People always forget the time because there is no window so they may stay in the casino for a long time and keep spending money.

branded space lesson 2

Habitat is a UK home furnishings retailer, and it also is a lifestyle shop. We had a article to read before the lesson called: Feeling it: habitat, taste and the new middle class in 1970s Britain, written by Ben Highmore. This article is about the change of the furnishing shop and opinions and feelings of people to the furnishing shop in UK in 1970s. The furnishing shop paid more attention on the shop style, for example, they extended their sensorial world. They provided the smell, sounds, living, social for the costumers. That’s totally different than before which just selling the furnishings. I feel that the atmosphere of the shop is getting better. The shops are more nature and friendly. I have been to a restaurant before and it had good food but not well atmosphere, the light was dim and the furniture was cheap and old, so i just wanted to go there for takeaway food. But this restaurant furnished again this year. The new furniture and decoration creates a warm nature and relaxing feeling, that makes costumers want to stay and enjoy the food.

During the first part of the lesson, we talk about our thought about this article in the group and answer some questions. The question of our group is : Senses, sensorial orchestrations, spatial experiences.

During the last part of the lesson, tutor provides some questions about the research method and we need to think “what are they for” before or after doing research.

• What are the main purposes of your research

• What is your role in the research?

• What is the nature of knowledge?

• What are the criteria that you are bringing to judge the quality of your research?

• Do you think your values should affect your research?

• What is the place of ethics in your research?

• What ‘voice’ do you adopt (or are you encouraged to adopt) when writing a research report